Friday, August 14, 2009


Shopping online is pretty common. Many of your guests will probably buy your engagement, shower and wedding gifts online rather than visit an actual store. With this in mind, it makes sense for you to complete your entire registry online, which means you’re no longer limited to big box stores.

Plenty of online retailers offer registries and I’m sure you have favorite e-shops that you’d like to get gifts from. Especially if you don’t need the traditional linens, appliances and other housewares.

Wishpot is an online service that allows you to combine all of your online registries into one convenient spot. Your guests can visit and purchase anything on your registry from every e-shop you’ve selected items from. Wishpot also allows you to register for your honeymoon. I still frown on the idea of registering for cash gifts/asking guests for cash.

Now, while pretty much everyone has access to the Internet I would still advise registering in at least one brick and mortar store for guests who prefer to shop in an actual store. And remember my tips regarding registering in general:

1. Always register in a range of prices from less than $25 all the way up to $500+. You never know what someone can afford to spend so you want to give people options.

2. Even if you don’t need the traditional housewares and linens, it’s always a good idea to register for them because some guests (especially older ones) will want to get you something for your home. You can always exchange the gift later.


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