Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twittering @ Your Wedding

I read an article on CNN.com today about a woman who used Twitter to update friends and family from the moment her water broke through labor and after pushing, told her followers about her beautiful baby. One of the psychiatrists asked to comment on the idea of tweeting during labor and delivery said, "One of the few rituals we have, in terms of giving each other undivided attention, is that time in a delivery room. To be spending time writing to someone else destroys the whole ritual. That's like Twittering on your wedding night. You can blog about it afterward."

"Twittering on your wedding night" is what caught my attention.

Between Twitter, personal wedding Web sites and blogs – not to mention Facebook and MySpace – there are a myriad of ways to let your friends and family know what your wedding plans are, but when it comes to the day of I think you need to put the iPhone, blackberry and computer away and just limit yourself to phone calls and SMS text messages.

If you spend time on your wedding day sharing your feelings and thoughts on Twitter or updating your status on Facebook you’ll miss the whole day. The people you are writing to are probably at your wedding celebrating with you and I hope not checking their own status and Twitter updates.

Remember that your wedding day is only one day and you won’t get that time back. Once the day is over you can share your thoughts and feelings with the world, but for that one day forget technology and enjoy the person to person interaction that we really don’t get that much these days.


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