Monday, August 31, 2009

Surfing the World Wide Web for Wedding Ideas

I was having trouble finding something to blog about on for tomorrow’s 5pm post. The item I had scheduled had to be moved because the company didn’t have an image of the product yet, so I went clicking through various sites – vendors, retailers, blogs – and kept clicking from one to the next and I saw so many wonderful things.

Beautiful real weddings, inspiration boards, creative products and even stuff for RB when she gets older. It was so much fun to see all these great wedding and entertaining ideas and it was hard to feature just one – especially since some of them are links to competitor sites.

Obviously you, dear reader, are a blog reader but it’s a good idea to follow links from blog rolls and within posts because you never know where they may take you and what you may find!

And when you do find something you like, bookmark it, print out the image or info or copy what you like to a word file and keep track of everything in one document. I find that when I bookmark favorite sites I don't go back to them often, but I do refer to my regular list of favorites that are typed up and tacked to my bulletin board.


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