Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monograms and Your Wedding

Monograms are a very popular choice when it comes to choosing your wedding “logo.” If you and your fiancé have decided that you want to add your monogram to all of your wedding details there are some “rules” you should follow.

Etiquette dictates that you don't use your married initial until after you are actually married. That means you should not use your married initial on any wedding stationery guests will see before the ceremony, including your save-the-date card and invitation. Some people will use their married monogram during the ceremony because it symbolizes two people becoming one, so while some etiquette experts will say don’t use your married monogram at all until after you’ve actually said “I do,” I don’t think the etiquette police will come after you.

Once you've tied the knot, you can use your married initial on any and every detail at your reception including your wedding favors, cake, menu cards, place and seating cards and any other items you are planning on having.

If you want to follow the rules of etiquette but still want to use a monogram on your wedding invitation, ask your stationer to create a monogram using both of your first initials. An example of this style can be seen in the invitation above, which was designed by Wiley Valentine and available at


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