Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Wedding Planning Tips From My Family

My dad joined us for dinner tonight and as I sat down to write today's post I asked him if he had a wedding planning tip I could share with you. After all the weddings he's been to he couldn't think of one besides: Use deli mustard with pigs-in-a-blanket, which of course you already know.

So, here's Dave's Teeth Whitening Tip (he's a dentist):

If you're going to whiten your teeth before your wedding make sure you do it no later than 5 days before the big day because it takes that long for the whiteness to even out and second, you shouldn't have food that can stain your shirt in that time because the same foods may stain your teeth and you'll want to enjoy food on your wedding day.

And since cousin Ally Jane (a college senior) is over cooking dinner, here's one from her: Buy your wedding dress in your size not a smaller size, because you may think you're going to lose 15 lbs but you'll probably only lose three.

Thanks Dad, Dave and Al for these great tips!


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