Friday, August 21, 2009

Finding the Perfect Spot - Part II

A commenter wrote in regarding yesterday's post and asked if I have any advice for how to find a venue that is both inexpensive and unique through other means than entering "inexpensive unique wedding venue (city)" in Google.

I think the best way to look for any venue is to talk to recent brides about places they had their wedding as well as places they looked at and decided against. You should also talk to vendors because they are always working at different locations.

Local wedding magazines and Web sites with local features are also a good source. And don't forget to look at both editorial stories and advertisements.

As for searching the Internet, you should be very specific as to what type of loaction you are looking for. The more detailed you are in your search terms the more likely you are to get more accurate results.

As for expensive vs inexpensive venues. You can influence the costs of your wedding venue simply by limiting your guest list, the style you serve your meal and what type of food you serve.

And I should mention wedding blogs. The wedding blogs feature very creative weddings so you may be able to search them for unique locations too.


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