Monday, August 17, 2009

Tanning Tips

I went to lunch with my sister yesterday and noticed that she had a very nice tan. I knew she hadn't been laying out in the sun so I asked her how she got such great color and she said she was using a tanning cream from Clarins.

When she got up from the table I noticed that her back was much fairer than her front. It turns out she forgot to add the cream to her back so she was half tan and half white.

If you're hoping to get a bronze-ish look for your wedding day go for an even tan. Remember that most of your guests will see you from the back - the cermeony, dancing, etc... so it's important to look good from all angles. Here are some tanning tips:

1. Test the tanning spray, bed, cream, etc.. months before your wedding so you know how your skin will react.

2. Don't lay in the sun the days before your wedding without proper sun lotion. You don't want to get a burn or sun poisoning the week of your wedding.

3. If you are using a spray or lotion to get the perfect tan, make sure you cover yourself evenly and ask for help for those hard to reach areas like your back.

4. Do not put any type of tanning lotion or spray on the morning of your wedding in case it can rub off on your white dress.


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