Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Love Stamps

My family thinks I'm crazy because I announced that I wanted to host Thanksgiving this year and I need everyone's address so I can send them a formal invitation.  I wanted to send an invite because I need an excuse to use these fabulous Thanksgiving Day Parade stamps just release from the US Postal Service.  Aren't they cool!

I love stamps.  I don't collect them but I think they add a touch of thoughtfulness to an invite.  It's like you really took the time to think of every detail.  I'm sure I told you how I actually called the main office of the postal service in Washington, DC two months before my wedding because they pushed the release date of the lavender-hued Audrey Hepburn stamp that I wanted to use for our wedding.  I asked them to connect me to the Hepburn estate so I could get their permission to have the stamps released in time for me to use them for our wedding.  They didn't and we used Cary Grant in a tux.  My dad's high school friend actually called me to tell me how much he liked the stamp - true story.  We used Audrey on our thank you notes.

Anyway, while most of your guests won't give the stamp a second glance, you may want to consider selecting a stamp that matches your wedding theme, colors or something wedding-y without being the typical wedding-themed stamp.  Right now I'm loving the King and Queen of Hearts as a wedding stamp.

Because of the recent stamp fare hike the USPS has recently issued new stamps at the new rate:  44 cents.  I thought these stamps might work for a wedding.  You can also go to and to customize a stamp with a photograph, monogram or other imagery.


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