Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ribbon Bouquets 101

As we checked into our hotel on Friday we walked past a bridal party off to the rehearsal. How do I know that’s where they were off to? Well, the bride was carrying a bouquet that looked like it was made at her bridal shower. It was all ribbons and bows and the cuff looked like paper plates.

Here are some tips on putting together a ribbon bouquet:
1. Have three (3) paper plates stapled/taped together in the shape of a triangle and cut out a whole in the center.
2. Bring the following supplies to the shower: scissors, stapler and staples, tape and extra ribbon
3. Assign one bridesmaid or close friend to collect the ribbons as the gifts are unwrapped and attach them to the plates.
4. Use the scissor to add an extra curl to the straight ribbons
5.  Feed longer ribbons through the center hole to be used as a handle

If you're thinking of tossing a bouquet at the wedding, save money on a tossing bouquet and simply toss the ribbon one from your shower.


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