Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Selling Your Wedding Dress

So at the family function this past weekend my cousin told me that she wants to sell her wedding dress. I asked her what she was asking for it and where she listed it.

She bought a Pnina Tornai at Kleinfeld three or four years ago for $4,800 plus alterations and shipping so I think the final total was in the $6-7K range. She wore it once and then had it cleaned. She listed it for $4500 about six months back on Bravo Bride and I think she also said Craigslist. She just lowered her price to $3900.

So what did I tell her? That she was asking way too much money for a used wedding dress –- even if it was only used once. I suggested that she lower her price to $2000 and see if she gets any nibbles and reach out to more Web sites that sell used and sample gowns. I also suggested she reach out to brick and mortar stores, like Vows in Newton, MA that sell used wedding dresses.

A bride looking to buy a used or sample dress for a lower price will probably not want to spend more than $1-3K on a dress and the higher end is only if it’s designer –- like Vera, Monique or Reem. If you can afford to spend $4K on a wedding dress you’d probably shop for a new one, not a used one.

Here’s a listing of some resources for reselling or buying used/sample wedding dresses and if you’re interested in my cousin’s dress, which is gorgeous, feel free to email me. Her dress looks like the one featured in this post without the decoration on the waist and neckline and it’s in white.


Sarah | Brilliant Event Planning said...

You're absolutely correct on the price! It'll be a great find for someone in the $2k range. Once Wed is also a good resource for buying/selling used wedding dresses.

Megan said...

We just started looking for "Once Loved Bridal Dresses" in our boutique in California. We are only accepting 27 Bridal Dresses. The owner must put a $27 deposit down, if the dress sells in less than six months, "SoulMates Bridal Boutique" receives 27% and the rest goes to the owner. Please contact us if your interested:

Think Thin Thoughts said...

Thanks! This was helpful.
I bought a anjolique dress for about $1000 (including tax, alterations, and a veil-- cost should have been $1400... but negotiated it down) and I was thinking of reselling it for about $500-600. Do you think that is reasonable?

GENERATIONS cinemastories said...
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GENERATIONS cinemastories said...

f you're really feeling the love after your wedding, consider donating your wedding dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer. The dress will get resold at a super price to another bride, then the proceeds, all of them, will go to making a stage 4 breast cancer patient's life's dream come true. http://bridesagainstbreastcancer.org/#donategown

antique jewelry said...

I don't have any words for your wedding dress. It is very beautiful. My wedding dress was very simple as compared to yours one.. I am feeling envy from you

kennady said...

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antoine wills said...

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how to sell a wedding dress


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