Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Scream for Ice Cream Buffets

Candy buffets evolved into dessert buffets and I just saw a new iteration on the theme: an ice cream buffet. The blog Eat Drink Chic featured a very detailed and stylish Make Your Own Sundae Bar that ice cream connoisseurs would fall in love with.

If you and your fiancĂ© are ice cream fans, or if you’re having a summer wedding and think your guests would enjoy a frozen treat to cool off after dancing the night away, you should talk to your caterer and wedding planner/event designer about creating this type of dessert buffet for your wedding reception or even your after party.

I agree with Amy’s (Eat Drink Chic’s blogger) thoughts on having someone serve the ice cream for guests. As you know defrosted ice cream can get messy and you don’t want guests dirtying their clothes and it will also speed up the line if guests aren’t struggling with the scooper.

While this buffet is beautiful, remember that you can use this sundae bar as inspiration. Choose colors that will match your own wedding palette and your favorite flavors and toppings. I know I always say not to worry about guests' food allergies but you may not want to have nut toppings included in the topping choices just to be safe.

Visit for more detailed shots and sources.


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