Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Thought on Wedding-Day Hair

No bride wants to look back at her wedding photos years after the wedding and think that her wedding looks dated.  As in, that wedding is so 1985.

You want your wedding to be timeless, classic and you also want to look like you.

When picking your wedding-day hairstyle it's important to choose a style that looks natural on you.  A style that won't make people take a second glance to confirm that it's you.

I always wear my hair down or pulled back in a half-ponytail, so when I got married I chose to have a cleaner version of a half-pony.  My hairstylist got me a fall (fake hair, sort of like a half wig) so my hair looked thicker and he pulled the front of my hair away from my face.  Looking back I like the style, I just think I should have worn something sparkly after I took my veil off because it was a little plain.

Anyway, the point is that I didn't wear some over-the-top up-do that didn't look like me at all.

And the same thing goes for makeup.  It's okay to go a little more sparkly or dramatic on your wedding day but it's not Halloween so don't go overboard.  You want your groom to recognize you too.


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