Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wedding Invites Allows Follow Shower Invites

I was invited to a bridal shower - my mom and I are both going.  Dave and I were not invited to the engagement party but I'm assuming we'll be invited to the wedding.

My dad doesn't think so but since you only invite people to the shower who ARE invited to the wedding I'm assuming a wedding invite should arrive by the end of July.

When your bridesmaids and mom are planning your shower it's very important that they know who is invited to the wedding.  It is not appropriate to invite people to the shower who ARE NOT invited to the wedding.  Of course with every rule there are several exceptions:
  1. An Office Shower.  If your colleagues throw you a shower at work you are not obligated to invite all of them to your wedding and they are not expecting an invitation.
  2. Family Out of Town. If you live and are getting married in one location but many guests - on the bride or groom's side - won't be able to make the wedding because of geography it's common for the mother of the bride or groom to host a bridal shower with her local relatives and friends.
  3. Small Destination Weddings or Elopements.  If you and your groom are having a very small wedding with a handful of people, your close friends and relatives may decide to throw you a shower even though they know they won't be invited to the wedding.
The most important thing is to make sure that you don't come off looking greedy by having a shower with 50 extra people that are not going to be receiving a wedding invitation. 


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