Monday, June 14, 2010

Registries are NOT Greedy, Dirty or Unromantic

Enough already with the registry being something greedy or dirty or making weddings unromantic.

I just read a post on Jezebel and an article in the Washington Post about couples not registering.

A wedding registry is actually a gift to your guests. Think about it. Guests want to buy you gifts.  Some will buy you more than one and it’s hard to shop for someone whose interests you aren’t 100% sure of. Except for maybe your best friend or siblings it’s hard to buy a great gift from someone. I know it’s hard for me to find the right gifts for friends on their birthdays. I almost always get a gift certificate to a spa because I’m pretty sure everyone would like that.

If you are a couple who already “have everything” than register at a store that sells items that reflect your hobby or interests. You can register at a wine store, sporting good stores or create a charity registry for guests to make donations to specific charities. Or ask a favorite store if they’ll create a wedding registry for you.

If you do decide not to register don’t be surprised if you start getting gifts that you don’t need, want or can’t use. You’ll be surprised – and not pleasantly – at what you get. I’ll never forget the plastic tray my sister got as an engagement gift in an unmarked box and no gift receipt – and she had registered. Or there was my friend who didn’t re-register for her shower and she was shocked at what she got, including a fake Louis Vuitton duffle bag wrapped in a garbage bag or the wrought iron spiral tea light holder that would never fit in her NYC studio apartment.

And not registering for gifts doesn't mean your guests will just write you a check.  Most people will want to give you a product, especially as an engagement and bridal shower gift.

Trust me – I’m talking from experience – create a wedding registry. It is more frustrating to guests when there isn’t a registry for them to refer to.

Even Santa Claus asks you to make a wish list of gifts!  So do your guests, and yourselves, a favor and create at least one registry list at a store you and your fiance like.  Trust me.  You're not being greedy, you're being thoughtful.


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