Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Must-Read Tips for Your Bridal Registry

I just saw Sex & the City 2 and I have to say that was some wedding. Ron Ben-Israel’s Swarovski crystal cake, Liza Minelli officiating and performing Single Ladies, the all men choir singing Sunrise Sunset during the was an over-the-top wedding with loads of inspiration. And of course I walked away with a few tips.

Here’s one on registry:

The movie opens with the four ladies visiting Bergdorf Goodman to buy wedding presents for the happy couple. Carrie says it’s under Stanford Blatch and Charlotte says that it may be under Anthony’s name too.

Your registry should be listed under both the bride’s name and the groom’s name since some guests may not be familiar with both of your last names. Think about it. Do you think your dad’s boss will know your fiance’s last name? Will your fiance’s cousin know your name? Probably not. And that’s why registries are listed under both names.

As for the shipping address for gifts you can decide to put your home address or one of your parents’ homes as the place to send gifts. We gave a grandparent’s home address since they live nearby and we were pretty sure someone would be home to accept packages. We didn’t want to worry about packages left on the stoop.


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