Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Know If You're Invited to a Wedding With a Guest

A woman at the office stopped by my desk today to ask me a wedding question. She had received a wedding invitation in the mail and the RSVP card had a ____ next to "will be attending" so she wanted to know if that meant she could fill in the number 2 and bring a date.

I asked her what the outer envelope - the envelope the invitation was mailed in - read. As in who was the invitation addressed to. She replied that it was addressed to her. I confirmed that it didn’t read “and Guest” so I told her that she was not invited with a date and couldn’t reply on the RSVP card that she would be bringing one.

The wedding is out of town and she would have to rent a car to drive there and possibly stay overnight and wanted to know if there was any way she could bring a date since besides the bride she wouldn’t know anyone else.

I explained to her that she could always call and ask the bride if she can bring a date but that the bride will probably say no unless a number of people have replied that they won’t be attending.

It turned out that a few weeks ago the bride and the woman spoke and the bride asked her how her boyfriend was, to which the woman replied that they had broken up a few months back, and what her mailing address was. The question about the boyfriend was the bride determining whether or not to invite her with or without a date.

So if you are not sure if you are invited with a guest to a wedding check the outer envelope to see who the invitation is addressed to. Most couples will add “and Guest” if they are inviting you with a guest.


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