Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take a Vacation from Wedding Planning

Is the stress of wedding planning starting to get to you?  Do you need to take a break from inspiration boards, vendor meetings and bridesmaid dress shopping.

It's okay to say you need a break.  Wedding planning can get very involved and with a full-time job and social life it can take a lot out of you.

So put the wedding books down and stop checking the wedding blogs and plan a weekend getaway with your fiance or make it a girl's weekend if he's starting to get on your nerves -- and no this is not instead of your bachelorette party -- and take the weekend off.

You don't have to buy plane tickets and fly off to an exotic (a/k/a expensive) destination.  Hop in the car and book a room at a B&B a few hours away or book a hotel room in the closest big city.  Your weekend itinerary can include laying by the pool, spa appointments, shopping, fine dining or sitting in your room reading a (non-wedding planning) book.

Remember that wedding planning should be fun, so if you're not having fun take a break for a few days or a week and come back to it when you're looking forward to attacking the tasks on your to-do list.


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