Monday, March 07, 2011

Trash the Dress -- A Post-Wedding Event

I spoke to a recently married colleague who said that after they got back from their honeymoon they had their wedding photographer shoot a “trash the dress” session. “Trash the Dress” is where the bride wears her wedding dress and the groom wears his own wedding day attire and they take photos together in any setting -- a field, the beach, in water, anywhere -- and don’t care what happens to their clothes.

The bride told me it was the most fun she ever had and so glad she did it.

I saw some of the photos and they were really great. The couple looked relaxed, comfortable and really happy.

If you want to take “trash the dress” photos make sure you talk to your wedding photographer about including the session in your wedding package and contract. It’s important to know if there are any additional costs regarding both the shoot and prints or albums you may want to order.

You also want to make sure that a friend or relative takes your wedding dress either home after the wedding or to a cleaner if you need/want to have it cleaned before the shoot.  You probably won't want to lug it with you on your honeymoon.

After the shoot take the dress to a professional wedding gown cleaner/preservationist to fix any damages or clean any stains that get on the dress during the shoot.

If your groom is wearing rented attire you may want to be more careful with damages and stains.  Check the rental policy on what you will need to pay for re: damages to the suit/tux, specifically stains that won't come out or tears to the fabric.


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