Monday, March 14, 2011

Yes Writing Thank-You Notes is a Drag

But it has to get done.

I got my order of thank-you notes for the baby gifts we've been receiving but I keep putting off sitting down and writing them.  I have the list of who sent what and I even spent 30 minutes on line at the post office buying the "Sunday Funnies" stamps because I thought they were appropriate for a little boy.  I just can't either find the time or make the time - I haven't decided which - to sit down and write them.  I promised Dave I would have them done this week.  Or was it next week?

When you get home from your honeymoon you should set time aside to write your thank-you notes.  And both you and your husband should write them.  You can divide them by family and friends or just divide the list in half.

If you're not sure what to write simply put that you loved the gift, mention what it is and how you plan on using it.  For example:  We loved the griddle you gave us.  Jack makes me pancakes every Sunday and can't wait to start cooking with it!

If the gift is money you can write:  Thank you for your generous gift.  We plan on putting it towards renovating our kitchen.  Can't wait to have you over for dinner once it's done!

Give yourself a deadline of when to write and mail all of your thank yous.  Etiquette says you have two months from your honeymoon to complete this final wedding to-do, but try and get them done as soon as possible.


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