Thursday, March 03, 2011

Asking Guests to Turn Their Cellphone Off

You know how when you go to a movie there’s a slide that reads, “Please turn your cellphone off” or when you go to the theatre someone says over the mic, “Please turn your cellphone off” -- should you have someone say that at your wedding or include it in your wedding program?

Part of me thinks that people will laugh as if it’s a joke, but the other part knows that if I were the bride I’d be pissed if in the middle of my wedding ceremony an annoying ringer goes off.

I don’t think the bride or groom should make this request but maybe the officiant can as he or she begins the service. And say it with a smile.

Don’t be afraid to ask your officiant if this is something they would recommend or if they’ve done it before. I’m sure they can tell you stories of ceremonies interrupted by a cellphone ring or worse, someone who answers the phone during the service.


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