Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When There's a Month to Go Get Some Help

Today is March 29th, one month to go till Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot!  And like most brides I'm sure Ms. Middleton has a lot on her wedding planning to-do list.

In the final weeks to your wedding you'll want to make sure your RSVPs are all in so you can finalize your seating chart and give your caterer a headcount, confirm that all your bridesmaids have their bridesmaid dresses and that they're being altered, attend your bachelorette party and finalize last minute details such as wedding program, favors and tosses.

I know being a princess bride means that you have a whole staff of people planning the wedding with you, but every bride should have a team of people helping her in the final weeks.

Your mom, his and your bridesmaids can all be your support staff -- making favors with you, binding programs, helping with confirming last-minute details with vendors.  Don't be afraid to ask people to help you.  I'm sure they offered already!

But if you want to hire a professional, remember that a day-of wedding planner actually is hired a few weeks or a month before the wedding.  They'll assist with the final logistics and details.  You can't expect them to show up the morning of your wedding and know what to do, right?  So if you are thinking of hiring someone start interviewing potential day-of planners about three months before the wedding so they have enough time to help you in the final stretch.


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