Monday, July 27, 2009

What Gift Givers Must Not Forget

Dave and I received a number of baby gifts when our daughter was born a few months ago but the most memorable card we received was the one with no name in it. A bag with a present was dropped off at my parents’ house – left on their porch – and the card didn’t read anything, so we have no idea who left it. It’s the big mystery and we’re hoping someone might mention that they wanted to make sure we received their gift since they didn’t receive a thank you note.

Greeting cards can be expensive but it’s very important to add a card or gift tag to a gift you give anyone, whether for a birthday, shower or wedding. How else will the recipient know who to thank?

While some stores will give you a free card to attach to a present, sometimes you want to write well wishes on a card or tag with a little more personality than a clean white slate.

DIYers will probably make their own or add stickers or a little “artwork” to a white card, but you can also pick up some decorative gift tags and save yourself time.

Stationery company Linda & Harriet recently launched these colorful gift tags which you can easily attach to a present and sign your name along with a brief note. For brides creating a scrapbook of their engagement, planning process and wedding, greeting cards and notes from friends and family will be exactly what they want to include.

Visit to purchase these gift tags along with other creative cards and stationery designs.


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