Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Good Humor Thing

I picked up a copy of the summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings today and started flipping through.  I got to the second page of the "Good Things" feature and read about renting vintage ice cream trucks - specifically Good Humor - and someone dressed in the vintage uniform to serve your guests.

When I got married in 2003 that's exactly what we did.  The pictures in this post are from my wedding album - I don't have the originals on my computer.

As you can see from the image above we had a vintage Good Humor truck and "driver" in uniform on hand to give guests ice cream as they left our wedding.  Actually, word spread during the reception that there was an ice cream truck outside so guests went outside to enjoy their favorite Good Humor pop before the cake was served.

If you do decide to treat your guests to ice cream at your wedding make sure you order enough for at least two pops per guest.  Some will go back for seconds and there may be a minimum you need to order.  I think we had to order enough for each guest to have four pops.

You probably will have extra so bring an insulated cooler to pack up the remaining boxes of ice cream.  We had enough ice cream left over to feed the family over the whole summer.

Remember to get a variety of flavors.  Not everyone loves chocolate.  Ask close friends and family what their favorites are to get an idea of what you should order.

You can still serve wedding cake and another dessert in addition to the ice cream.  I looked at the ice cream as the wedding favor guests could enjoy on their way home.

In the photo below you'll see me and my mom standing first in line to get our favorite flavors.  I think she got strawberry shortcake and I got an ice cream sandwich and since this was the end of the wedding I wasn't concerned about any ice cream dripping on my dress.

And back in 2003 the Internet was not what it is today, so you'll probably have an easier time of finding a company that rents vintage Good Humor trucks or other ice cream vendors.  Just enter the right keywords into Google:  ice cream truck rental, Good Humor, Haagen Dazs, Mr. Softee, vintage, 


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