Monday, July 06, 2009

Dave vs. Anne: You Decide

Dave and I are are having a discussion and he said he was going to put the discussion, okay argument, on my blog so I beat him to it.  Here's what happened:

Dave's friend and wife had a baby in mid-April so I went to the Baby Gap and bought a gift - Star Wars onesie and jeans in a 6-12 month size.  The dad LOVES Star Wars.  We asked them to send us their address in Nebraska so we could put it in the mail  We were told to hold onto it until they returned to NY in June.  So we did.  

I got a gift receipt when I bought the gift, but since April I had a baby and was unorganized with all the baby items and my own recovery and misplaced the gift receipt.  Now the dad didn't send us his NY address until the end of June, AND the package I mailed was returned to me because that address is undeliverable.

So now I have their gift, again, and we're seeing them in two weeks.  So here's the debate:

Dave thinks I have to buy them a new gift because I can't find the original gift receipt and Dave thinks that this three month old is going to be too big for a 6-12 month size.

I say, they're getting this gift without the receipt with my apologies because it's a neutral item in a large size that will fit.  

What do you think?  


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