Friday, July 17, 2009

Saving the Date

What's wrong with my daughter's "save-the-date" onesie?  Well, it only tells guests that her Bat Mitzvah will be in the year 2022, it neglects all the other important details. 

So what should be printed in your save-the-date?  Here's a list of what you want to include:
  • The date - month, day, year.  You don't need to name the day of the week but you can if you want to.
  • The city and state, and country if you're not getting married in the U.S.  You do not need to list the exact place of the wedding, such as the church, temple or reception site
  • Your names.  Don't assume that your distant relatives will know off the bat who the save-the-date is from.
  • Travel and accommodation information if you have guests traveling to your wedding, especially if the wedding is abroad.  You should also include recommended airlines and hotels as well as discount codes if you've secured group rates.
  • Have "invitation to follow" printed on the bottom of the card because some guests may think that your save-the-date card is the formal invitation.
You should not list where you are registered and remember that you should only send a save-the-date card to the guests you are 100% inviting.  Once you mail someone a save-the-date card he or she must receive a wedding invitation so limit the mailing list to relatives and friends who will definitely be invited to the wedding.

And by the way, there really is nothing wrong with her onesie.  It's just a cute picture that inspired me to write this post.


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