Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TV Weddings and What You Can Learn From Them

While I am not a fan of shows that make brides look crazy, you can still get inspiration from the weddings these "bridezillas" plan.  Depending on where the TV wedding is being held and where your wedding will be held you may even find a great vendor.

Here's what you should pay attention to:
  • the wedding dress
  • decor, including ceremony items, reception linens and flowers
  • bouquets and boutonnieres
  • bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen attire
  • wedding cake
  • special songs and dances
  • and any other detail you see that catches your eye

If you do see something you like check out the show's Web site.  The network will usually have a page dedicated to the show and a list of credits, including photos and vendor information.


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