Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Shower Gift From the Groom

This maybe something that only I think is appropriate but I’ve seen it at several showers and I really think it should be a staple at showers everywhere: The groom should give a gift to the bride.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift or even jewelry, but it can be something special that she opens at the shower, whether he’s there or not.

I’ve seen groom’s give lingerie or even an item from the registry that he knows she really wants. However registry gifts may backfire as it did in the ‘90s comedy Father of the Bride. Remember when Brian gave Annie a blender as a wedding gift and she interpreted the gift as his way of thinking that the wife belongs into the kitchen. His explanation was that she liked to make a certain type of drink that you need a blender for.

Anyway, if you don’t want to tell or suggest to your groom that he should or may want to buy a gift that you open at the shower you can have a relative or friend tell him that he should/may want to. You never want to tell him what to do but suggestions are almost always welcome.  I wouldn’t necessarily tell him or suggest to him what the exact gift should be. That I think is something you want him to think of all himself.

PS – It is traditional for the groom to get the bride a wedding gift and for the bride to get the groom a gift too. Many grooms will give their brides a piece of jewelry that they can wear at the wedding, such as earrings or a necklace, but you can both agree ahead of time that you are or aren't exchanging wedding gifts or put a cash limit on the gift.

I remember telling Dave that we don’t need to spend money on a gift but I did expect a card/note from him the morning of our wedding. I gave him a card/note too and I also made him a CD to listen to while he got ready that morning with some wedding-related songs. Our favorite, that he surprised me with a few months earlier, was Somebody’s Getting Married by the Muppets.

Here’s the video from The Muppet Movie, it’s in two parts:

Isn’t it cute?


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