Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Written Word

A friend just told me that the hotel where her guests were staying had a bar for them to hold their post-wedding reception after party. After numerous emails and phone calls, the bride was assured that the bar would remain open and she would be charged for drinks ordered when she checked out of the hotel the follwoing morning.

After returning to the hotel after their reception she found all of her guests standing in the hotel lobby. It turns out no one in the event sales office communicated to the bar staff that they would be staying open late - well past closing - so the bar manager kicked out the wedding party.

Needless to say the bride and groom were very upset but were able to move their group to a local bar in the area and everyone had a great time.

When checking out of the hotel the following morning the bride complained and demanded that something be done. There was no contract since the hotel insisted they didn't need a contract with her stating the bar would remain open for X amount of hourse so the bride turned to her email account where she found several emails from the hotel stating that the bar would remain open after hours for her party and further explained their fees for such an event.

In the end the bride received some compensation from the hotel - refunds for room charges and a comp dinner at their restaurant.

Just like when you're dealing with vendors, you should get everything in a written contract and save all of your email correspondences so you have evidence of a vendor going back on their word and therefore can fight them for a refund.

When it comes to planning a wedding - or any event - get everything in writing.


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